The Benefits of Sand Play are Limitless…

Sand Play, Sedona, Arizona

“Being in my power
holds the key.”

For Personal, Professional and Business needs

bulletLife-empowering and rejuvenating, the process is easy and fun to do

bulletWith great ease, depth, and accuracy vital information comes forth

bulletAnswers are immediate, direct, and life-changing

bulletThe “best in you” awakens and success is eminent

bulletAlmost anyone can participate by following simple directions

bulletCan be facilitated for individuals or groups and customized to suit specific needs.

From a child experiencing night terrors, to a top corporate executive dealing with critical life issues, to a teacher moving beyond cancer… people, regardless of age, creed or life circumstance, can tap into this powerful resource and transform their lives in ways beyond what was believed possible. Join the thousands of people who enhanced their mind/body/soul/health, emotional wellbeing and life success participating a Sand Play for the Soul Adventure.

Creative Problem Solving; Win-Win Resolution; Personal and Professional Development; Team Building;
Sand Tray Play Training; Life Coaching and other Services offered.
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Customized and pre-organized adventures and retreats available in Sedona OR we can come to you.


“My world consists of working with people and corporations who desire personal and financial growth. I have worked with numerous methods and techniques, perhaps hundreds more from a variety of disciplines. When I first heard of your Sandplay, I chuckled. I passed it off as a novelty. You were kind enough, and smart enough, to offer me the opportunity to explore this technique.

“This is one of the quickest and most effective methods I have ever seen for exploring critical territory. I continue to chuckle after my experience, but in wonder, that such a seemingly simplistic concept could have such depth. Your approach, care, and professionalism are marvelous. I am most impressed.”

-Tom Justin, Fortune 500 Company Consultant, Facilitator, Trainer


“No problem is too big when you enter the Expansive World of Sand Play for the Soul…”

Powerful Tools for Creative Solutions
leads the way…


“The power of discovery through the wisdom of the Soul takes you on a journey of awakening beyond perceived possibility.  The world becomes yours to fully create into being!”