The Feeling Stuck Blues

The Feeling Stuck Blues

When the Feeling Stuck Blues strikes me down hard and no relief seems to be in sight, I do the only thing I can do. I simplify my thinking process by surrendering to an immutable fact of life: Life is in constant, ever-changing motion. We respond to life and it responds to us. The universal law of cause and effect is always at play- even non-action has a consequence. Something will always unfold- stuck, or not.

Currently I am struggling with how to find the right words to say what I want to say in this blog. I am three weeks past the intended March deadline and totally missed doing my Feburary post, and I feel stuck. I wonder if this blog will be posted soon, and not delayed for yet another month. True to my creative problem-solving tendency, I must ask, “What is the story behind my Feeling Stuck Blues? How is it even possible to feel stuck when life is always active- creating and shifting into “something else” at any given moment?”  

Whatever conclusions are drawn, it will not change the fact that life is always responding and altering itself, in some way, to the actions, or non-actions, of someone or something whether it is physical, mental, or emotional in nature; whether it is connected with the human, animal, plant or material kingdom. Everyone and everything we come into contact with in our world impacts our lives, however, minuscule. My life is shifting into something different all the time. So how does that affect my view of feeling stuck?  

I have to come to realize that in reality it is impossible to be stuck. It’s an illusion. The fact is whenever I felt stuck while dealing with me and/ or a situation, and no solution was readily available for resolution, one fact remained a constant. In every one of those occurrences the circumstances surrounding the initial situation never remained exactly the same indefinitely. Something always took place and things always shifted into something different no matter how stuck I felt. Sometimes the change happened in excruciating slow motion, other times in fast forward, at high speed. Sometimes it was welcomed, sometimes not.

The only thing I know for sure- whether I feel stuck or not- is that whatever the situation and my response to it may be, at some point in time “this too shall pass” in some manner or form. If I can remember this, feeling stuck becomes only a mental label used to describe what is happening verses the actual reality of the situation. Doing so would then allow me to have choice, thus hope that things can change. If I define myself as “being stuck” that would limit my options, and that would be a shame, as this perception does not reflect that life is in ever-changing, constant motion, always shifting at any given moment.     

The creative non-fiction book I am currently writing addresses another aspect of life which has challenged and defied human logic and reason since the human mind began formulating thoughts. The main character in this story unexpectedly faces a traumatic and discombobulating life-event forcing a standoff between reality as it is seen and reality as it really is. Who wins decides the outcome, life or death. (For more tib-bits on this upcoming book- to be published within the year- check out future blogs.)

Until we meet again in blog-land, and/or at the SandWorks® Studio or a setting nearby you, or via email, I wish you lots of success on your life-expanding adventures. For more on my work, and life-transforming journeys in the sand tray, read “Sand Play for the Soul”: Awakening the Power of YOU to New Worlds of Possibilities, and/or cruise this website

A Journey with No Distance

A Journey with No Distance…

As I begin my adventure in 2014 I ask myself: How do I want walk my life journey in 2014?

The first image that came to mind when I asked this question was the last time I saw my father shortly before he transitioned… and how the experience felt. (The 2 year anniversary of his passing is approaching, and his presence in my heart has magnified with greater gusto than usual when I think of him.)

What I most remember during that visit was the ever-so-gentle touch of his hand upon my cheek, his penetrating stare and the words he spoke. Though he was blind and almost completely paralyzed at the time, he looked deep into my eyes, as if seeing beyond into my soul. Softly stroking my cheek, he whispered “I love you my daughter. Thank you for really being with me and taking good care of me. As your father, I am very proud of you because you care for people and help them in a kind and truthful way. The universe will always support you and your work because you have a good heart and tell the truth.”

At that moment the love and gratitude pouring from my dad’s heart, in appreciation for me having been in his life, and for the work I do, surpassed anything I have ever experienced before in my life. He was speaking to me from the depths of his soul, and I knew in that instant how deep a love can be between a father and his daughter. Every challenging moment I ever experienced in our relationship disappeared with one breath. In that moment I felt an absolute- pure-divine love emanating from his soul. Who I was, and who we were together, as a father and daughter, felt so alive… so real and honest.

The complete love I felt with my dad opened up an immense reservoir of gratitude deep within me. Suddenly everything and everyone in my life made total sense. Everything and everyone had a purpose for being- no matter how grand or minute the participation in life. Beyond it all was an unshakable truth: Divine Love is the only thing that makes total sense.    

In the past two years since my father’s passing, I have tuned into that moment countless times, especially when I’ve had trying moments with loved ones. Each time that I did so, I realized that regardless of what was said, or done by whom, what mattered most was the heart and soul connection I share with them. Anything else… the misunderstandings, the miscommunications, and its resulting consequences, were a product of misguided thinking. It had nothing to do with who I am, or they are. Divine Love allows me to know without doubt that we are “far more” than we believe ourselves to be.

The only way I know how to prevent any misguided perceptions and limited thinking I may have about a person or situation from controlling my thoughts and actions, is to choose again. Thanks to the gift my dad gave me, I return to that divine, magical moment I had with him shortly before he transitioned. “The stuff” that drove a wedge between my heart and soul connection with the person I was at odds with dissipates and once again I am able to return to a place of love and acceptance for them and myself.

When I do this, navigating through my life trials and challenges is much easier and less taxing on my health and well-being.  This may be a tall order to fill sometimes. However, I have decided to let the wisdom I received from that divine encounter I shared with my father to be my guiding post, to the greatest extent I am able, during my life walk in 2014… and onward.  

SandWorks®, will be hosting a Life-Awakening Soul Retreat in Sedona, AZ, Feb 28th thru March 2nd. We invite you to discover, integrate and celebrate, the divine, magical moment within you that supports you to make sense of the twists and turns in life and allows you to more fully and authentically step into the “bigger picture” of who you truly are! Awaken the POWER OF YOU to New Worlds of Possibility!

For more on this special event go to top section of home page and click on 3 Day Life-Awakening Soul Retreat.

A More Direct Route

“A More Direct Route”… a thought to ponder for the New Year…

What we commonly view as “the” problem i.e.  …“it’s the government, the educational system, or more generally speaking…“them”, they, he or she”… who do not understand or see the error of their ways may just be a detour.  Seeking out the reasons for why things happen, and the answers to solve that why, may in fact require a more direct route. Down here on planet Earth there is this annoying reality we know as the law of cause and effect. Whatever action we take, or do not take, life will respond back and something will happen… no matter how insignificant or minuscule the effect may be. ‘Out of sight, out of mind’ does not mean our actions are of no consequence, quite the opposite. Until we understand the full impact of our thoughts, feelings, and actions have in our lives, we limit our options. I learn this lesson daily. If a problem arises for me, I am usually involved in some way no matter how insignificant it may be.

Jan 25th and Feb 29th 2014, I’ll be co-facilitating a retreat at my SandWorks® studio utilizing the ancient arts, of Sand Play, Yoga and other Life-Awakening tools. (For more go to Home Page on this site) Currently I am in the process of promoting these two retreats, and while doing so I realize that even after all these years of promoting SandWorks® Life-Awakening Retreats, I still have some resistance to emailing everyone on my Sand Play address list of upcoming events. Sometimes I have a passing thought that because some of these individuals are very busy, adding one more thing for them to consider doing on their long “to do list” may be an imposition, so I hesitate. It is a silly thought to have because those on my list are on it because they have either heard about, or experienced SandWorks first hand, or have read my book “Sand Play for the Soul”, and as a result are willing supporters of the work I do. So, why on earth, do I still hesitate before pressing the email send button?

A person’s ability to respond, or interest level, in what I’m doing is not for me to determine in advance. My goal is to inform potential interested parties of news and upcoming events connected with SandWorks®.  So I ask again, “What’s the resistance about?” The love and passion I have for the work I do, and significant benefits it has on my broad clientele, has remained a constant for 33 years. The power of Sand Play, my commitment to the work, or another’s person level of interest in the work is not what’s in question; it is about my view of me.

As I ponder the true source of my dilemma a moment of inner clarity surfaces. Then I get it! It’s that negating mind chatter sneaking in behind the scenes… again… questioning my worthiness to do this work. The next instant I press send and off the email travels through ether space to whatever its fate may be.

Afterwards, I sigh and acknowledge… “Even after all these years, regardless of the thousands of clients who leave with a big smile after doing a Sand Play for the Soul session, I still sometimes doubt my right to do the work I love and founded many years ago.” (Darn, I hate when I do that.)  Then, I am reminded, even though I have my doubting moments, I always have the final say whether or not to allow the negating mind chatter to deny me the gifts life has to offer me, and I have to offer life.  

My deepest hope for everyone in 2014 is we catch and stop the negating mind chatter before it strikes and robs us of the opportunity and abundance life has to offer, no matter how small or large.

Wishing all a Joyous and Peaceful Holiday Season filled with Fun, Ease and Adventure!

Reviving Lost Dreams

I have a confession to make- 5 years in the making. I let my original blog “Sand Play for the Soul” disappear into ether-space and my anticipated 2nd book continue its status as a ‘work in progress’ since 1998. I could tell you I procrastinated, did not trust in my literary abilities, or felt too shy to go public… and it would be all true, however, only partially true There is more to the story… as there usually is when we put our cherished dreams on hold. The question I ask is where do I go from here?

My last blog post was 5 years ago (see entry # 1), and I am only half way through the edits on the 1st draft of a book originally conceived in 1998 and completed 2006. My colleagues and friends, who had a sneak peek at the first few chapters, years ago, are not too happy I left them hanging and wondering what happens next. (The controversial mind-bender explores a mysterious phenomenon in life that affects every decision we ever make. The main character seeks to expose its’ identity, even with death knocking at the door.) Whenever my comrades ask how long they will have to wait to see what comes next, my response is, “You don’t want to rush into these things!”, and then assure them the book will be completed and published. They smile knowing Paula is a woman of her word… it’s just a matter of time!

For those who took an interest in my 1st blog post, I humbly apologize for doing only one post. I did not forget about you. I am happy to report that I’m back and have now given my former blog “Sand Play for the Soul”, along with my website, a new face-lift, thanks to my amazing web-master, Libby! For those who are new to my blog, and my website, WELCOME!  I hope you enjoy what you see and read. I invite you and previous readers to share your comments as the journey with the “SandWorks® Chronicles” blog and SandWorks® website unfolds. First I would like to share why I let my blog fall into deep hibernation, and put my book on hold, even after the success of my published book Sand Play for the Soul: Awakening the Power of YOU to New Worlds of Possibility- a book which took only 8 months to birth from conception to completion.

As my life unfolded in the past 5 years, some dear friends, and then both of my parents passed away. This, along with other major losses and life-altering events, descended into my world like a hurricane shaking me to my very core. These traumatic and heart-numbing times nearly destroyed the very fabric of my being. However, thanks to the courage and tenacity of the human spirit, and “Divine Powers that Be”, I now have a new lease on life and it has allowed me to revive lost dreams, create new ones, and appreciate and nurture personal and professional relationship (old and new) with greater depth. The losses endured have turned into transforming lessons learnt, and I am so very grateful!

I invite you to come and play with me and others in the SandWorks® Sandbox of Life, where discoveries made, solutions achieved, and stories shared can have far-reaching-lasting benefit, no matter how great the odds of success may appear to be… and have FUN in the process!

When Something Stops Working!

“When something stops working change your policy.” That’s what my Dad kept telling me throughout my entire childhood. The power of this simple statement affected me in ways I would have never thought possible.

Being “me” has not always been an easy journey. At times I seriously questioned whether or not I would survive “being human.” Like the majority of my human peers, I too have been known to do things the hard way… even when a simple solution screams out, “Excuse me, here I am. It’s not that complicated.”

Too often, it seems, our human actions and resulting consequences in life must reach critical mass before we realize, “Oops, something is not working maybe we need to make a different choice.” When the ‘moment of truth’ comes knocking on our door it’s either just in time or too late. If we have been granted a grace period, by our own choice or that of divine intervention, and we do what it takes to turn things around in our lives for the better… and we finally learn our lessons… and not make the same choices that caused our near destruction in the first place… a new day of hope and resolution arrives.

For me, whenever my life reached a point of being too much to bear, and hopelessness set in, something most unusual would happen. I would inexplicably become ill, for a brief period, often as a direct result of one or more extremely upsetting events. And then during the worst of the “inexplicable illness”, a realization would emerge from the “depths of my being” telling me that what I thought was going on in given situations, in actuality, was not so… and that my responses to those events were not working. I had to change my ways or else! With that information in tow there was nothing left I could do but to let go what I thought I knew. In that instant of complete release I would experience a sensation in my heart and solar plexus- beyond anything I could describe! My soul would make its presence known and begin to open me to new ways of thinking. With the old ways gone there was now room for new possibilities.

“When something stops working change your policy.” The affect my father’s words had on my life unknowingly prompted me to make some very daring choices- decisions which in turn led me to engage in some incredible life experiences at home and abroad. The effects transformed me to my very core. If things in my life were not how I wanted them to be, I knew without a doubt, it would be up to me to choose again. Only I had the true power to change how I did things in my life.

My father, in the last stretch of life, sleeps a lot. During his dream state he talks to God, often sharing those conversations with me. Throughout his life his unique ways of being in the world were frequently misunderstood, and at times created a lot of turmoil in the lives of those he loved. In my innocence as a child I took note of all the words he spoke, to heart. The words that caused pain and sadness I learnt to let go. Not doing so meant continued pain and sadness. The words that brought great wisdom I listened to and in turn they helped me succeed. Though my father was not a perfect man, he always knew, “When something stops working change your policy.” Thank you Dad!