The Feeling Stuck Blues

The Feeling Stuck Blues

When the Feeling Stuck Blues strikes me down hard and no relief seems to be in sight, I do the only thing I can do. I simplify my thinking process by surrendering to an immutable fact of life: Life is in constant, ever-changing motion. We respond to life and it responds to us. The universal law of cause and effect is always at play- even non-action has a consequence. Something will always unfold- stuck, or not.

Currently I am struggling with how to find the right words to say what I want to say in this blog. I am three weeks past the intended March deadline and totally missed doing my Feburary post, and I feel stuck. I wonder if this blog will be posted soon, and not delayed for yet another month. True to my creative problem-solving tendency, I must ask, “What is the story behind my Feeling Stuck Blues? How is it even possible to feel stuck when life is always active- creating and shifting into “something else” at any given moment?”  

Whatever conclusions are drawn, it will not change the fact that life is always responding and altering itself, in some way, to the actions, or non-actions, of someone or something whether it is physical, mental, or emotional in nature; whether it is connected with the human, animal, plant or material kingdom. Everyone and everything we come into contact with in our world impacts our lives, however, minuscule. My life is shifting into something different all the time. So how does that affect my view of feeling stuck?  

I have to come to realize that in reality it is impossible to be stuck. It’s an illusion. The fact is whenever I felt stuck while dealing with me and/ or a situation, and no solution was readily available for resolution, one fact remained a constant. In every one of those occurrences the circumstances surrounding the initial situation never remained exactly the same indefinitely. Something always took place and things always shifted into something different no matter how stuck I felt. Sometimes the change happened in excruciating slow motion, other times in fast forward, at high speed. Sometimes it was welcomed, sometimes not.

The only thing I know for sure- whether I feel stuck or not- is that whatever the situation and my response to it may be, at some point in time “this too shall pass” in some manner or form. If I can remember this, feeling stuck becomes only a mental label used to describe what is happening verses the actual reality of the situation. Doing so would then allow me to have choice, thus hope that things can change. If I define myself as “being stuck” that would limit my options, and that would be a shame, as this perception does not reflect that life is in ever-changing, constant motion, always shifting at any given moment.     

The creative non-fiction book I am currently writing addresses another aspect of life which has challenged and defied human logic and reason since the human mind began formulating thoughts. The main character in this story unexpectedly faces a traumatic and discombobulating life-event forcing a standoff between reality as it is seen and reality as it really is. Who wins decides the outcome, life or death. (For more tib-bits on this upcoming book- to be published within the year- check out future blogs.)

Until we meet again in blog-land, and/or at the SandWorks® Studio or a setting nearby you, or via email, I wish you lots of success on your life-expanding adventures. For more on my work, and life-transforming journeys in the sand tray, read “Sand Play for the Soul”: Awakening the Power of YOU to New Worlds of Possibilities, and/or cruise this website

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