A Journey with No Distance

A Journey with No Distance…

As I begin my adventure in 2014 I ask myself: How do I want walk my life journey in 2014?

The first image that came to mind when I asked this question was the last time I saw my father shortly before he transitioned… and how the experience felt. (The 2 year anniversary of his passing is approaching, and his presence in my heart has magnified with greater gusto than usual when I think of him.)

What I most remember during that visit was the ever-so-gentle touch of his hand upon my cheek, his penetrating stare and the words he spoke. Though he was blind and almost completely paralyzed at the time, he looked deep into my eyes, as if seeing beyond into my soul. Softly stroking my cheek, he whispered “I love you my daughter. Thank you for really being with me and taking good care of me. As your father, I am very proud of you because you care for people and help them in a kind and truthful way. The universe will always support you and your work because you have a good heart and tell the truth.”

At that moment the love and gratitude pouring from my dad’s heart, in appreciation for me having been in his life, and for the work I do, surpassed anything I have ever experienced before in my life. He was speaking to me from the depths of his soul, and I knew in that instant how deep a love can be between a father and his daughter. Every challenging moment I ever experienced in our relationship disappeared with one breath. In that moment I felt an absolute- pure-divine love emanating from his soul. Who I was, and who we were together, as a father and daughter, felt so alive… so real and honest.

The complete love I felt with my dad opened up an immense reservoir of gratitude deep within me. Suddenly everything and everyone in my life made total sense. Everything and everyone had a purpose for being- no matter how grand or minute the participation in life. Beyond it all was an unshakable truth: Divine Love is the only thing that makes total sense.    

In the past two years since my father’s passing, I have tuned into that moment countless times, especially when I’ve had trying moments with loved ones. Each time that I did so, I realized that regardless of what was said, or done by whom, what mattered most was the heart and soul connection I share with them. Anything else… the misunderstandings, the miscommunications, and its resulting consequences, were a product of misguided thinking. It had nothing to do with who I am, or they are. Divine Love allows me to know without doubt that we are “far more” than we believe ourselves to be.

The only way I know how to prevent any misguided perceptions and limited thinking I may have about a person or situation from controlling my thoughts and actions, is to choose again. Thanks to the gift my dad gave me, I return to that divine, magical moment I had with him shortly before he transitioned. “The stuff” that drove a wedge between my heart and soul connection with the person I was at odds with dissipates and once again I am able to return to a place of love and acceptance for them and myself.

When I do this, navigating through my life trials and challenges is much easier and less taxing on my health and well-being.  This may be a tall order to fill sometimes. However, I have decided to let the wisdom I received from that divine encounter I shared with my father to be my guiding post, to the greatest extent I am able, during my life walk in 2014… and onward.  

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