Power of Sand Play

When describing the essence of Sand Play a line from a song in the movie Mary Poppins, “A teaspoon of sugar helps the medicine go down,” often comes to mind. Having fun creating a sand tray scene, and receiving vital, life-transforming information in such a simple and playful manner, helps make those serious issues needing to be resolved a lot easier to digest.

SandWorks® offers Creative Problem Solving; Win-Win Resolution; Personal and Professional Development; Team Building; Sand Tray Play Training; Life Coaching and other Services offered.

“A little help of a Soulful Nature can go a long way in the recovery process….especially when traumatic events, natural or man-made, defy comprehension.”

paula_with_trayJoin the thousands who have gone on their own SandWorks® Life-Awakening Adventure.You too can experience the power and magic of Sand Play for the Soul and awaken the Power of YOU!

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longbulletExamples of Personal Journeys…

Five year old Jason who could not sleep through the night since the age of one, due to terrifying nightmares, had his first peaceful night after one Sand Play session. His mother wrote:

“My son’s night terrors stopped immediately after his first sand play session. By his fourth visit, his drawings of terrorizing monsters became mostly happy, not scary. He has the power to overcome his fears and a confidence in himself he did not have before.”



“Gentle taming of the beast within empowers me!”

Len a gifted MD, whose brain tumor spoke to him in his sand tray, showed him a way to put his cancer to sleep. He continues to live a full and vital life.

In his testimonial he said: “My brain tumor spoke loud and clear in my sand tray scene. Insights from my scene were invaluable. My tumor is dormant.”

Sand Play is one of the oldest human expressions known to humankind. This communication tool awakens our innate creative power to surface and express. Through the release of this energy, inner resources become available for healing.




“Speaking my truth
transforms me!”

After one session, BJ quit smoking for good when she became privy to the real reason behind her addiction to cigarettes. Her soul spoke to her in her sand tray scene and she listened.

Many like her have discovered just how easy it can be to overcome life’s greatest obstacles through the ease and simplicity of Sand Play.

You too can shift your life in positive ways beyond what was once believed possible.

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