Reviving Lost Dreams

I have a confession to make- 5 years in the making. I let my original blog “Sand Play for the Soul” disappear into ether-space and my anticipated 2nd book continue its status as a ‘work in progress’ since 1998. I could tell you I procrastinated, did not trust in my literary abilities, or felt too shy to go public… and it would be all true, however, only partially true There is more to the story… as there usually is when we put our cherished dreams on hold. The question I ask is where do I go from here?

My last blog post was 5 years ago (see entry # 1), and I am only half way through the edits on the 1st draft of a book originally conceived in 1998 and completed 2006. My colleagues and friends, who had a sneak peek at the first few chapters, years ago, are not too happy I left them hanging and wondering what happens next. (The controversial mind-bender explores a mysterious phenomenon in life that affects every decision we ever make. The main character seeks to expose its’ identity, even with death knocking at the door.) Whenever my comrades ask how long they will have to wait to see what comes next, my response is, “You don’t want to rush into these things!”, and then assure them the book will be completed and published. They smile knowing Paula is a woman of her word… it’s just a matter of time!

For those who took an interest in my 1st blog post, I humbly apologize for doing only one post. I did not forget about you. I am happy to report that I’m back and have now given my former blog “Sand Play for the Soul”, along with my website, a new face-lift, thanks to my amazing web-master, Libby! For those who are new to my blog, and my website, WELCOME!  I hope you enjoy what you see and read. I invite you and previous readers to share your comments as the journey with the “SandWorks® Chronicles” blog and SandWorks® website unfolds. First I would like to share why I let my blog fall into deep hibernation, and put my book on hold, even after the success of my published book Sand Play for the Soul: Awakening the Power of YOU to New Worlds of Possibility- a book which took only 8 months to birth from conception to completion.

As my life unfolded in the past 5 years, some dear friends, and then both of my parents passed away. This, along with other major losses and life-altering events, descended into my world like a hurricane shaking me to my very core. These traumatic and heart-numbing times nearly destroyed the very fabric of my being. However, thanks to the courage and tenacity of the human spirit, and “Divine Powers that Be”, I now have a new lease on life and it has allowed me to revive lost dreams, create new ones, and appreciate and nurture personal and professional relationship (old and new) with greater depth. The losses endured have turned into transforming lessons learnt, and I am so very grateful!

I invite you to come and play with me and others in the SandWorks® Sandbox of Life, where discoveries made, solutions achieved, and stories shared can have far-reaching-lasting benefit, no matter how great the odds of success may appear to be… and have FUN in the process!

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