Sand Play Experience

Meet Margarita, Colleen and Deborah as they speak about their
Life-Awakening Retreats:


“My journey first began when I saw an interview with Paula on After it was over I felt compelled to buy and read her book. It was different, deep, spiritual, fascinating and easy to understand. I knew I wanted to work with Paula. For 3 months following I did phone sessions with her. Our conversations changed my life. I felt calm, understood, important, valuable and loved. She listened to my deepest core- the real me- and facilitated and empowered me to access my soul and higher power. Then I came to Sedona to do a retreat with Paula… by the way it’s was very affordable. The first time I saw her in person I felt like I was meeting an old and dear friend. She set me up in a beautiful guest house and provided me with healthy, delicious, home-cooked meals. I felt so cared for. The next day miracles began to happen…


“I had my first Sand Play session. I never imagined what happened was possible. I was able to visit deep places of fear and self-disapproval I felt inside me. Paula’s gentleness, knowledge and deep compassion helped me through this difficult process, quickly and easily. I discovered what was truly holding me back from my success. I felt such relief, like a huge burden had been lifted off my shoulders. In the afternoon I spent time in nature exploring and learning how to deepen my spiritual practice. It was a beautiful journey. The next day was the biggest surprise of all!

“Paula facilitated me to work with power symbols I selected the day before in my sand tray. She helped me see, feel and know the power inside of me I always had, but due to my mind talk, could never fully experience. She facilitated me to open up this power place inside me as I never had before. This was huge for me!”


” I felt deep in my core I had the ability to create anything in my world. All the information needed to do so was inside me. That afternoon I did another journey in nature. I explored belief systems that were causing me conflict and sadness in personal relationships. Then I did an evening session with Paula followed by a beautiful sunset. She helped me work with and clear destructive thought patterns that wanted me to deny me success. Next day I did a celebration Sand Play scene of what I discovered and realized about myself. I placed a giant heart in the center surrounded by my power images and my happy life with my family. My soul spoke and I found what I needed to create the life I wanted!

“My entire experience was unforgettable- an experience of a lifetime- and my sessions were amazing.  There was crying, laughing, sadness, fear and VICTORY! And Paula was there to help me make a profound life change easy. I got far more from the retreat then I ever expected. I would recommend her retreat to anyone who wants to experience life fully and know that they are far more then they think they are. I came to change my life and how I live it, and I did!”

– Margarita Slavkov, Florida


colleen6I had a glimpse of your work on Edge Media Network TV in the UK and that was it. Everything inside me stirred. A quest to purchase your book transpired and my life took a whole new direction. I read it and it was very inspiring. I knew I had to work with you. I decided to do 9 day individual, customized retreat. It was blooming fantastic!

The retreat was more then I expected… The work was phenomenal and you were very entertaining and knowledgeable… I had the breakthrough I was hoping to achieve and more!!!…  I absolutely enjoyed our excursions climbing the mountains and basking in the spiritual beauty of Sedona… The food, lodgings, personal attention was bang on mate!  I loved the outdoors, those beautiful, mystical red mountains…

-Colleen Bertram, London, England


client“I did a retreat with Paula to address personal concerns and challenges, and to further my training in Sand Play. I have done a lot of self-growth seminars and trained in a variety of disciplines- and have worked with some of the best- and I have to say this experience was “off the charts”! This was one of the most awesome, inspiring weekends I have ever had. Being facilitated by Paula changed my life in many ways beyond what I ever imagined possible. The lodgings, food and personal attention given were great. Her book “Sand Play for the Soul” was very engaging and had a lot of heart and soul. Paula takes Sand Play, and Self-Discovery, to a new dimension.”

-Deborah Detloff, California


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