Testimonials about Paula’s Work…


Individual Sessions Testimonials:

“My five-year-old son’s night terrors stopped immediately after his first sand play session… By the fourth session he had the power and confidence to overcome his fears he did not have before.”

-Mother of Three Children, Sedona, AZ


“Sand Play groups provided a very safe, fun environment for my daughters and son to go deeply in themselves. Through their sand tray scenes they released a lot of hurt, anger and frustration over the divorce with my husband. I saw their souls speak. Years later, I had a fifth child, who has been doing Sandplay with Paula since the age of eighteen months, and absolutely loves it.”

-Terry, Performing Artist and Mother of Five

“My brain tumor spoke loud and clear in my sand tray.  It revealed what I needed to know… Insights I received from my sand tray scene were invaluable…”

-Dr. Len Levine, Physician/Surgeon, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

“Sand play was a wonder-full experience! At first it was fun, and then suddenly… I was healing non-verbally, very deeply…”

-Erin M., School Psychologist, California

“I have experienced many forms of growth work in the past, and have found the “sand play sessions” we did together among the most powerful…Your skill at bringing forth sought after information is excellent.”

-Gloria Reeder, Entrepreneur

“Clearly the work you did with me was profound. It brought my unconscious needs to the forefront and provided me with insight and empowerment for making decisions and changes in my life which supported further growth personally and professionally.”

-Sophia Tarila, Ph.D., Author and Educator


Individual Retreat Testimonials:

“The retreat was more than I expected. The work was phenomenal. I had the breakthrough I was hoping to achieve and more!!! I will never forget this experience as long as I live. It was blooming fantastic!”

-Colleen Bertram, London, England  For more on Colleen’s remarkable retreat.

bridge“My 3 day retreat with Paula was literally life changing. After suffering from depression and suicide ideation for about four years, my work with Paula helped my realize and believe  “suicide is no longer an option.” I have since sealed up that black hole, my energy is not only free, but free to move into a more positive direction… Not only did I accomplish what I wanted to, but I discovered a wonderful healing modality and a talented facilitator and marvelous human being.”

-S. H. Phoenix, AZ

“I did a retreat with Paula to address personal concerns and challenges, and to further my training in Sand Play. I have done a lot of self-growth seminars and trained in a variety of disciplines- and have worked with some of the best- and I have to say this experience was “off the charts”! This was one of the most awesome, inspiring weekends I have ever had.”

-Deborah Detloff, California


Group Retreat Testimonials:

“Thank you for sharing your amazing skills as a facilitator during the Woman’s 4-Day Power retreat. You are exceptionally gifted. I feel truly blessed to have experienced your work privately, during the retreat, as well as meet the wonderful women who attended the retreat.”

-Jackie, Trainer, Dell Corporation. Canada

“The “Woman in Transition” weekend, bar none, was the most powerful, supportive and empowering I’ve ever experienced.”

-Erica D. Therapist, AZ

“I want to thank you for the wondrous experiences at the “Woman in Transition” Retreat. I was amazed at how truly powerful it was for me. I came in weighted down with grief and anger. While I had been working to crawl out from beneath for some time, I had not been able to do so. In the presence of such love and support this weight dropped away from me. It was so effortless… This and the sand play was a powerful experience for me on many levels; mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually… a life-changing experience. Thank you again for blessings untold.”

-Connie D. Scottsdale, AZ

“Paula designed a customized retreat for us. The group accomplished everything beyond their expectations. The retreat was totally amazing, magical and exceptional.”

-Theresa Sanchez, Jalisco, Mexico.

“Everyone should do this at least once in their lifetime.”

–Marielena Lozona, Guadalajara, MX


Business Testimonials:

“…I’ve tried many modalities and read numerous books on how the get past the head games we play on our selves into the deeper root of our issues. Of all the processes I have done, your sand play work was by far the most efficient and quickest for unearthing the real issues I needed to deal with. The benefits from our sessions were numerous and very telling.”

-Jonathan Greenberg, Businessman

“I have worked with numerous methods and techniques and reviewed hundreds more from a variety of disciplines… This is one of the quickest and most effective methods I have ever seen in which to bring a person to realization of how they live their life… It is a wonder, that such a seemingly simple concept could have such depth… You create a safe space for exploring critical territory… Your approach, care and professionalism is marvelous.”

-Tom Justin, Facilitator/Trainer and Speaker with Fortune 500 Companies


Sand Play Workshop Testimonials:

“As one of the facilitators for the Woman’s Healing Retreat sponsored by Turtle Island Project, this is a letter to say thank you. Your program SandWorks®: Powerful Tools for Creative Solutions, and expertise as a consultant and facilitator provided the women who attended the retreat with a truly unique and transformational experience.”

“My soul and I are in league as one!”

“My soul and I are
in league as one!”

“Your inviting, playful, and energetic style allowed the women to safely explore delicate and personal issues in their lives with a sense of joy, discovery and personal reflection.”

-Joyce C. Mills, PhD., Play Supervisor and Educator, Author of: Reconnecting to the Magic of Life

“I was brought to a house, somewhere in Sedona, Arizona, and really had little sense of what was going to happen. All I was told is that I was going to play in the sand… Paula explained how the sand play worked. My first thought was this is silly. I wondered how this was going to help anyone… But something happened during this Sand Play which was transforming. I was able to find meaning in things that I normally took for granted. It became exhilarating and fun. I would recommend “sand play” with Paula for anyone who feels stuck in a void of life. It will awaken your spirit and make your heart happy.”

-Lance Kulman


Media  Testimonials:

Producers of “5 Seekers” and “Guides and Gurus” write, after Seekers participated in a Sand Play for the Soual Adventure in Sedona, Arizona:

“Thank you so much for your wonderful sessions. The Seekers were amazed by their experiences. The discussion continued for days.”


“Sand Play for the Soul  is one of the most exquisitely beautiful treatments of technologies I have seen, a treat for the mind and heart as well as the Soul. I cannot imagine a better gift for the part of you that yearns to shine forth, to stretch and find the limits of reach, and then some more… ” 

Chiwah – Light Connection