Unexpected Surprise…

The universe caught me by surprise in a most uplifting and unexpected way last month. In my previous blog post, I mentioned I had a wake-up call regarding my health. It caused me to re-evaluate some major life-choices I had made regarding how I was living my life. I concluded that if I did not start taking more time for self-care, my life could come to an end sooner than necessary. It became instantly clear what I needed to do. As the saying goes “Physician, heal thy self.” In my case, the SandWorks® Lady called Paula needed to “heal thy own self” in those areas in need of attention.

Once I realized the full significance of my current situation, I called forth every resource of the “Divine Kind” available to me in this world. If ever there were an ideal time to fully surrender to the Divine, it was NOW! For me the crucial piece was to allow this resource of infinite intelligence to lead the way, not the preconceived idea of what my mind wants to tell me is or isn’t so. If I truly listened and got out of my own way I’d be fine. (In my book, Sand Play for the Soul, I refer to this infinite intelligence as the knowing place of the soul.)

As a result of this surrender, today– a month later, I can honestly and whole-heartedly say I have had one God-sent gift after the other come my way of life-enhancing, life-supporting, and life-loving assistance. Two of those phenomenal gifts came in the form of incredible support from longtime dear friends who put me into contact with brilliant and highly skilled professionals who are able to assist me to return to full health. The second gift came in the form of World Wisdom Conference in Sedona, AZ.

It has been years since I attended a conference of any sort. I had the time of my life. Speakers were “on fire” with wisdom, knowledge and universal force fueling them. Almost everything they said was right on the mark and in sync with my deepest core knowing. I have always known it’s all about ENERGY. Each and every one of us can tap into this universal force in the simplest, most practical manner… AND… it’s free and available to anyone who wishes to make use of this unlimited energy supply. From a very young age I have known this to be true! How ironic that I keep forgetting this very basic and simple truth when it comes to taking care of me when I’m not in work or service mode.

For decades, I have used this energy when counseling and facilitating clients to explore, discover and empower themselves to live the “the truth of who they are in the bigger picture of their lives”. This force guided me when I wrote my book Sand Play for the Soul. For me to forget the existence of this power even for a moment when I most need it is no longer an option. The time has come to allow this unlimited resource to help me live in the healthiest way possible, authentically and without restriction.

Previously when I felt my body trying to tell me something was out of balance and in need of attention, I only half-listened. As a result, I responded by only giving it a portion of the care needed to be a healthy, optimally functional vehicle in which my life can express itself. Today I am being told in clear and absolute terms that I must add “ME” to my list of clients. I must empower myself to love and care for myself with greater ease, joy and surrender to who I am in the bigger picture of my life. As my dearly, beloved and departed Dad would advise, “If something stops working, change your policies!”

“Daddy, I hear you loud and clear!”

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