SandWorks® Consulting and Counseling Sedona Arizona


Who would ever guess . . . placing items in sand and answering some simple questions could transform peoples lives so quickly with such power, depth and ease . . . and be so fun!

SandWorks® of Sedona, AZ and Canada offers unique services to support TRUE CHANGE!

Discoveries made and solutions achieved have far-reaching, lasting benefit.

You can come to us or we can go to you.
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Barry Spilchuk, co-author of the best seller, A Cup of Chicken Soup for the Soul,
Fortune 500 Company Consultant/Trainer/Speaker writes:

SandWorks Sedona, Arizona Retreats, Consulting and Counseling

“Wisdom speaks in Barry’s sand tray!”

“A quick note to tell you how “Blown Away” I was by the sand play session. It has given me a new sense of focus and enabled me to clear a huge block that was causing me much stress. SandWorks gave us the tools to love and nurture our creation A Cup of Chicken Soup for the Soul … from it’s inception to completion. This simple, yet deep process is amazing!”


Barry is one of Paula’s many clients who have been profoundly affected
by the Power of Sand Play. More testimonials


Sedona Arizona RetreatsSandWorks® of Sedona, AZ offers:

➢ Custom Sedona Retreats & Soul Adventures

➢ Individual or Group Sand Play Sessions

➢ Consulting, Training and Coaching Services

➢ Individual, Couples and Family Counseling

You can come to us or we can go to you for professional or personal needs.


Participate in a Sand Play for the Soul
Life-Awakening Adventure

On this journey of transformation there are no limits…only discovery, creation, and access to an innate resource of infinite intelligence. Using a collection of miniatures representing the world in which we live, you select items which are symbolically important to you and create a scene in a sand tray. The Sand Play scene created, coupled with a unique facilitation process allows you to open doors to information so revealing that no life obstacle is insurmountable. “I hold the power to transform my world!”
SandWorks Sedona, Arizona Retreats, Consulting and Counseling
Figures in the sand begins the journey!

“When the Soul speaks, and we listen, doors open to
the New Worlds of Possibility”