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“This is truly a remarkable book and revelation concerning the dynamics at the heart of change. Warm, wise and accessible the techniques developed by the author are clearly potent and facilitate an authentic and profound encounter with the Soul. The personal accounts of clients are moving and unforgettable. This book is a must read!”

-Fred Mathews Ph.D. Author and Lecturer on
Transformational Change

“Sand Play for the Soul is destined to become a classic of the new-generation, self-help literature now emerging. Engagingly self-empowering, Paula’s book reveals her mastery of Sand Play Therapy and also invites the readers to discover their own soul’s true voice. I strongly recommend this book both to therapists and to all who seek a brighter personal and planetary future.”

-Chet B. Snow, Ph.D., Author “Mass Dreams of the Future”

Enter the expansive world of Sand Play for the Soul, where the power of discovery through the wisdom of the Soul takes you on a journey of possibilities and self-transformation beyond what was thought to be within our reach. Learn how a simple form of play can awaken an innate knowing so revealing and so empowering that no life-challenge or obstacle is insurmountable. Through practical and simple instructions, you discover how to dialogue with your soul in three-dimensional form. Meet people of all ages, from diverse life backgrounds and populations, who embark on a Sand Play for the Soul Adventure and transform their lives in profound ways- even midst exceptional challenge. You too can experience this incredible process in the comfort of your own home, or other special setting!



SandWorks®:Powerful Tools for Creative Solutions incorporating innovative, effective communication tools and personal empowerment strategies to do what needs to be done, quickly, easily, with efficiency and success. Paula’s unique facilitation style awakens her participants’ innate abilities to seek solutions to core issues that might otherwise remain unseen.


bulletCreative Problem Solving & Win-Win Resolution

bulletTeam Building for Business Growth & Success

bulletProfessional Development & Training

bulletSandWorks® Sand Tray Play Training

bulletIndividuals, Couples and Family Counseling

bulletPersonal Coaching for Life Succcess

bulletPre-Organized and Custom Retreats


SandWorks Personal, Professional & Business Needs

Available for Corporations • Small Business • Non-Profits • Health and Educational Institutions • Individuals & Private Groups. Customized Programs and Training• Workshops and Seminars • Personal and Professional Consultation. A Great Addition to Your Seminar, Workshop, Retreat or Conference!

Fees are assessed on an individual case basis depending on services required. Discounts are available
for Non- Profit Organizations.

Individual Sessions and Discovery Workshops

Available for adults, couples, children and families. Arrangements can be made for out-of-town workshops and sessions, and customized programs for short-term visitors or local residents.

Fees vary according to services requested.

Sedona Retreats and Soul Adventures

Join us on a Life-Awakening Retreat in the magic and beauty of Sedona, AZ, and re-create your life in ways beyond imagined possibility.

Customized Sedona Sand Play for the Soul Adventures and Private Retreats for Mind/Body/Soul Health, Emotional Wellbeing and Life Success are available. We design to suit your needs and budget.

For more information please visit our Retreats page.