A More Direct Route

“A More Direct Route”… a thought to ponder for the New Year…

What we commonly view as “the” problem i.e.  …“it’s the government, the educational system, or more generally speaking…“them”, they, he or she”… who do not understand or see the error of their ways may just be a detour.  Seeking out the reasons for why things happen, and the answers to solve that why, may in fact require a more direct route. Down here on planet Earth there is this annoying reality we know as the law of cause and effect. Whatever action we take, or do not take, life will respond back and something will happen… no matter how insignificant or minuscule the effect may be. ‘Out of sight, out of mind’ does not mean our actions are of no consequence, quite the opposite. Until we understand the full impact of our thoughts, feelings, and actions have in our lives, we limit our options. I learn this lesson daily. If a problem arises for me, I am usually involved in some way no matter how insignificant it may be.

Jan 25th and Feb 29th 2014, I’ll be co-facilitating a retreat at my SandWorks® studio utilizing the ancient arts, of Sand Play, Yoga and other Life-Awakening tools. (For more go to Home Page on this site) Currently I am in the process of promoting these two retreats, and while doing so I realize that even after all these years of promoting SandWorks® Life-Awakening Retreats, I still have some resistance to emailing everyone on my Sand Play address list of upcoming events. Sometimes I have a passing thought that because some of these individuals are very busy, adding one more thing for them to consider doing on their long “to do list” may be an imposition, so I hesitate. It is a silly thought to have because those on my list are on it because they have either heard about, or experienced SandWorks first hand, or have read my book “Sand Play for the Soul”, and as a result are willing supporters of the work I do. So, why on earth, do I still hesitate before pressing the email send button?

A person’s ability to respond, or interest level, in what I’m doing is not for me to determine in advance. My goal is to inform potential interested parties of news and upcoming events connected with SandWorks®.  So I ask again, “What’s the resistance about?” The love and passion I have for the work I do, and significant benefits it has on my broad clientele, has remained a constant for 33 years. The power of Sand Play, my commitment to the work, or another’s person level of interest in the work is not what’s in question; it is about my view of me.

As I ponder the true source of my dilemma a moment of inner clarity surfaces. Then I get it! It’s that negating mind chatter sneaking in behind the scenes… again… questioning my worthiness to do this work. The next instant I press send and off the email travels through ether space to whatever its fate may be.

Afterwards, I sigh and acknowledge… “Even after all these years, regardless of the thousands of clients who leave with a big smile after doing a Sand Play for the Soul session, I still sometimes doubt my right to do the work I love and founded many years ago.” (Darn, I hate when I do that.)  Then, I am reminded, even though I have my doubting moments, I always have the final say whether or not to allow the negating mind chatter to deny me the gifts life has to offer me, and I have to offer life.  

My deepest hope for everyone in 2014 is we catch and stop the negating mind chatter before it strikes and robs us of the opportunity and abundance life has to offer, no matter how small or large.

Wishing all a Joyous and Peaceful Holiday Season filled with Fun, Ease and Adventure!

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